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Brother Blewett, 2023-09-20


Did you understand what we’re saying now? That in the first season, the Thunders releases a revelation for the New Birth for the Bride Age. But you can’t find it then. Because you’ve got to… This is… You’ve got to be mature to receive this Seed. You’ve got to do what Eve didn’t do. So, there’s a second season to prepare you. To call you out. To keep away all the false interpretations, to mature and ripen you until finally, the Honey pours out. Then you’re ripe. Now Christ is getting ready to meet the Virgin Bride and show Her His Word of Life.

Do you understand what Word of Life is? It’s Reproductive Word that can only be met by Reproductive Faith. Mature Faith in a mature Bride that can receive the Words of the Thunders and say, ‘Be it unto me according to that Word of Life.’ And that is what you did. And then you conceived.

Because the Thunders in every age gave the Fruit Teaching from the Tree of Life for that season. In Luther’s day, It gave Justification, and that produced New Birth. You see? That’s the—the Word of Life for the Sardisean Age. Wesley’s age, Sanctification. It was the Word from the Tree of Life. It seemed very simple but It produced God in flesh.

Now what are you going to do when you are Holy Spirit? That’ll… That’s every Word from Genesis to Revelation and the backside Seals. That’ll produce Original Man with Original Glory. So, this Seventh Seal is the Passageway to our Original Glory. And we’re riding down to the Cape of Good Hope for we’ve reached the finish. The Birth of the Man Child. God doesn’t see hybrid you, He sees your representation. And at the breaking of the Seventh Seal, that becomes a manifestation. Original Brother Jimi. Original Brother Mark. Eternal. Child of God. Romans 8. It’ll shake the world. Amen.


Revelation 2 : 26 (AMPC)

And he who overcomes (is victorious) and who obeys My commands to the [very] end [doing the works that please Me], I will give him authority and power over the nations;

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