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Brother Blewett, 2022-11-16

And in the afternoon: “Finally, My Brethren, Be Strong In The Lord.” You’ve got to be strong. Strong giving praise. Standing on that rock. Amen. You may be seated. And I love it when fresh inspiration strikes behind the pulpit. And I think I was just summarising Brother Smith, the end of his message there, where he beautifully brought out those thirty/forty days, unfolded the way it was going to be, and brought the quote from the Prophet. ‘Missing people but they’re getting ready with the rest of the group.’

And then it dawned on me that we are already getting together with the rest of the group by inspiration. That’s the Seventh Trumpet. That’s the Call to the Resurrection. We are blending with them by inspiration. Amen. That barrier between here and there is getting thin, as Revelation 11 and Revelation 19 and Revelation 5 becomes a reality by Quickening Power, lets us, see His Coming.

Quickening Power, Holy Ghost Power makes It real. The Guide is the One Who makes It real to us. Then the Guide must be here. Amen. The Book of Revelation is becoming a reality. We’re living It out. We’re walking through the pages of this Book. Thanks be to God. We are blessed. Amen. He never fails. A little more. Every service a little more. That’s the living Christ that’s among us. Amen.

(...) So, by inspiration, we are getting together with the rest of the group. Which is the rest of the Bride, right back. Last night around about midnight, I got a little more inspiration on that. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. Present a little drama, amen, to bring it even closer. To bring you into Heaven. To bring Heaven into Godstone Tabernacle. So, there ain’t time tonight, but I’m—I’m working on it. I’m looking forward to it. But I can hear a fivefold minister in Heaven saying, ‘Praise God, all ye His servants and you that fear Him, both small and great.’ Inspiration. Quickening Power puts me in Heavenly Places to hear that sound.


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Revelation 1 : 3 (TPT)

A joyous blessing rests upon the one who reads this message and upon those who hear and embrace the words of this prophecy, for the appointed time is in your hands.

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